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Jude let his shoulders relax as a warm breeze caressed both him and the woman atop his shoulder. Her cheek, which was pressed against his, was smooth and cool, and small but immensely soothing.
"When all of this is over... It'd be nice to settle down for a while. Just you and me."
He'd say like to start a family someday... but that would be getting ahead of himself at the moment. One step at a time.

As Jude's shoulder relaxed, Pen felt herself lower just a little bit and smiled at how truly astonishing he was as a living being. She pressed her lips to his cheek and had a feeling that he meant more than simple relaxation.
"I'd love that."

Jude leaned back a fraction of an inch against his tiny fiancé. While he was waiting for Devon to show, he took the time to focus home his senses on Pen; he tried to feel what she was always raving about feeling him.

"Devon's taking a long time."

Pen hummed and shifted her weight to pivot so she was facing his ear. She gathered up a bit of hair and fiddled with it gently. It'd gotten on the shaggy side.
"Good lord, you'll have longer hair than me soon." She teased. "Very nice hair though"

"Hey, at least I shaved." Jude shook his head a little, chuckling. "...I can take a hint; I'll get it cut. Soon." He assured her.
"Mmn, I like the scruff. Makes you look ruggedly sexy."
Pen murmured suggestively in Jude's ear before letting out a string of giggles.

"Oh, say something else..." He murmured, her velvety voice crystal clear and close to him.

A smirk spread upon this new knowledge of the things Jude enjoyed
"I love your body. Ever plane of muscle, every inch of you..."
And then she decided to get incredibly blush-worthy, her voice dropping to inaudible volumes saved only for Jude as she whispered incredibly filthy things about a certain experience at mutual height in the forest.

Finally, Devon had untangled himself from Idina's young ones back at the gypsy's caravan. Finding two giants had been easy as he'd seen them blocks away.

Jude's mouth hung partly open, eyes lidded and turning in Pen's direction. They widened, along with a knowing smile occasionally when certain details were whispered into his ear. He looked like she had successfully seduced him, and he was about to relplh th a sensual comment of his own, when-
"Devon!" Jude straightened sharply. He greeted him with a slightly guilty smile. "Good to see you, mate.... How long have you been standing there?"

Devon lifted a slender brow and straightened the silver framed glasses he wore up the bridge of his nose
"Enough to know that Penelope has been lathering you up for unmentionable things."
He replied non-chalantly. Pen wore an equally sheepish grin for getting caught in the act before diving headfirst down Jude's shirt.

Kanna simply shook her head at the other couple and finally noticed that her hand had been placed upon Adrian's thumb. She pretended not to notice she had.
"…Humility. A man who knows what it is like to be humble as well as confident...That is the sort of man I value." She said, almost a hesistant thought vocalised quietly.
Adrian felt his insides do a flip-flop. Kanna's words dropped on him like an anvil. His full lips parted, but he had no reply.

"Heard you were a hit with the kiddies." Jude hoped that mundane conversation would drain the heat in his face. He squared his shoulders and tried to look less infatuated than he felt.

Pen had found a comfortable place in between Jude's chest and abdomen, clinging to his shirt so she could blush all to her heart's content. meanwhile, Devon nodded and cleared his throat
"They enjoyed my stories, nothing more. Perhaps we should be thinking about our next step, then?"
The engineer suggested.

Kanna nodded and kept her indiscernable eyes fixed with emotion upon the giant who held her.
"I agree."

Jude smiled at Pen's bashfulness, resting his hand beneath her in his lap. He raised his eyes to Devon.
"Yes." He agreed, switching to a serious tone. "Ade and I dig some digging, and found one of coucilmembers has significant influence over the others; so If we can convince him, there's a good chance this whole segregation thing could be a thing of the past for Aryua."
Adrian finally tore his gaze from the beautiful woman in his grasp. "Yeah. Name's Radich, he's a giant. Hey Jude," A thought struck him. "How are we going to get them in? I imagine an old-timer like this isn't exactly going to be in the middle of the human side."
Jude raised his eyebrows, looking from Adrian, to Kanna; to Devon, then to Pen.
"I guess we'll have to be creative."

Kanna's school-girlishness faded away near instantly and the side of her that was all business sprung into being once more.
"I would imagine that you were searched upon heading through after that officer saw the two of you with us so typical smuggling in pockets and such would be pointless."

A nod of agreement from Devon supplimented his agreement.
"We'll need to plan something none would expect."

"Exactly. The question is, what."
Pen ran her lips over one another, eyes squinted as the sight of her real world faded out for a moment in favour of a devising mind.

Thunder would almost be expected from how hard they group was brainstorming.
If it was just Penelope, Jude might have considered hiding her in his mouth. But that was a personal preference of Pen's, and he was fairly certain Kanna and Devon would not be remotely fond of that notion.

"I've got it!" Adrian's frown vanished and he sat erect. All eyes were watching him expectantly as he pulled out a small baguette from the paper Grover's bag. "I was going to save this for later, but look..." He ripped a piece off, and took some of the fluffy interior out to demonstrate. "If I gut it, all three of you can fit, and they would never think we'd subject you guys to that."

Jude cocked his head to the side. "It seems a bit... Demeaning, to be frank. But it's inconspicuous enough to work."

Kanna was frankly appalled by the notion of hiding in a baguette of all things.

The cleric of the group, however, joined Adrian in his elation.
"Good idea! Just keep that thing close by and we should be okay."
Penelope beamed, thoroughly pleased with the mechanic's resourcefulness.

Though Devon and Kanna both shared the same visible sentiments involving this method of transportation, they were aware of the situation they'd been placed in. Kanna nodded in agreement and Devon followed suit.

"Just don't forget we're there, alright?" Pen grinned teasingly at Adrian.

Adrian gave a short chuckle, imagining how freaked they would be if he did try to take a bite.
"Nah... You guys would ruin the flavor. Hey, I need to putcha down."
Kanna crossed her arms, unimpressed but bit back a comment. She would already be forced into highly unsavoury conditions. she was in no mood to be joking around.
With Kanna now on the ground next to Devon, Adrian tore a bigger opening off so his hand could fit and began removing the fresh bread, popping the pieces into his mouth as he went.

Jude slid a hand under Pen and cupped her right by his face so he could speak to her quietly, a near voiceless comment meant for her receptive ears only.
Holding her out, he flashed her a sparkling smile. At Jude's commen, Pen let out a burst of giggles and sent him a knowing wink.

"Awright." A lump protruded from Adrian's cheek from his impromptu snack, muffling his conclusive tone somewhat. Jude set Penelope down next to the others on the ground. Adrian swallowed before continuing.
"I left a little bit of the soft stuff around the edges to give you guys a little padding." The hollowed-out baguette was set down in front of the trio for their inspection and boarding. While they scrutinized his handiwork, Adrian looked at Jude with a slightly disbelieving smile.
"This is so weird!" He commented aside, keeping his voice low.

Bread. She was truly about to ride in a gigantic piece of bread. Kanna lacked the time to get over this bizarre fact for Pen set to work pushing both of her friends inside. Devon grumbled something about his desire to kill a certain mechanic if the bastard even dared to joke about taking a bite before he steadied himself in the corner.

"This is awesome!" Pen's voice called out from within the odd traveling accommodations. "It's so freaking soft..."

She laid down inside and sighed happily. Kanna didn't quite know what to do with herself and finally let her unease with the situation show inside the baguette; prim dusting of the walls ensued, futile and she baulked about the surplus of crumbs sure to litter her clothing.
Adrian made a face at Pen's enthusiastic reaction, as if to silently say, "How cute is she?"
Jude smiled broadly and nodded in undeniable agreement.

"Okay, put the cap on them." Jude said discreetly, glancing around to make sure none of the people in or across the area were watching. Adrian bent over and plugged the hole with the heel of the loaf.
"See you guys soon." he said in a cheerful murmur. He could barely imagine the approximate locations of each human inside as he picked it up easily and tucked it carefully on top of some rumpled clothes and various personal items in his bag. He tried to be slow and smooth with his motions, but he knew by now that their perception differed from his. The blonde giant stood alongside Jude, feeling the weight of his friends' lives on his shoulders.
"Here goes nothing…"

Each of the humans were jostled within the odd container but one remained completely calm with not even the barest hint of distress. Silently, she gathered each of her friends by quietly chanting a light spell in order to locate them both. After leading them closer to herself, Pen gave them a reassuring grin.

"Don't worry," The lights inside dimmed to nothing and her smile faded from a significantly calmed Kanna's sights. "Adrian will keep us safe."

Though a part of her knew that to be the case, confirmation of that fact verbally helped the school teacher immeasurably. Devon, on the other hand...

Until the end of the trip, each human would need to remain quiet and still even as Pen tried to cast a charm that would held diminish their presences. She cursed herself for not looking into invisibility charms or stealth spells.

As expected, they were stopped by security at the entrance to District B. The officer's eyes narrowed when they stepped up to be scanned.

"Ah, so you remember us." Jude's mouth turned up at the corners. The faintest twitch of a smile crossed her face.
"Unfortunately for you. Turn out your pockets."
They complied without protest, letting out a sigh of exasperation as she waved the handheld heat sensor over each of them, keeping her eyes on the screen.
"I'm getting a spike." She said, the scanner over Adrian's side. "I need to take a peek in your bag, sir."
"No problemo." He slipped the pack off his shoulders and set on the ground. He pulled back the flap, staying close as the woman produced a small metal stick with a padded tip, scutinizing and prodding into the contents. Adrian kept up a good mask, but he felt a sweat began to break when the baguette was knocked three times.

The first knock nearly taught Pen a painful lesson that involved her carelessly leaving her mouth open just enough for her teeth to painfully clamp down upon her own tongue, leaving it bloody and swollen. Kanna saw her distress and heard the nearly inaudible sound of pain Pen had supressed and went to reach for the woman but found the second shift enough for her fragile body to be slammed against the top of their darkened container, winding her significantly. Kanna's head rung in spite of the soft bread which surrounded them and she fought the urge to let out a groan, her vision hazy. The third contact of the giantess caused Devon to tumble around and pray that his glasses wouldn't break.

Finally, she seemed satisfied that the law had inspired fear in these two ruffians.
"You're good to go." She returned to her post, nodding at both of them. Adrian threw the flap back over and slung the bag back onto his shoulder. He and Jude exchanged victorious smirks and sought out a place they could transfer the stowaways to somewhere more comfortable.

When at last the movement had stopped and the verbal confirmation of their freedom to press on had come, each of the humans groaned softly and laid still, each with spinning heads.
Kanna & Devon: NO

FOR FUTURE REFERENCE, ADRIAN, YOU ARE CREATIVE BUT YOUR IDEAS SUCK SOMETIMES. And Pen, you are way too excited about bad ideas @____@

'Wander' belongs to :iconobsess-confess: and myself
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